Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code can use an existing Git installation to provide the corresponding functionalities.


Source control icon

Source control icon

If you have not yet opened a repository, you have the option of selecting Open Folder or Clone Repository in the Source Code view. If you select Clone Repository, you will be asked for the URL of the repository.

Gutter indicators

When you open a Git repository and start making changes, VS Code adds useful annotations:

  • a red triangle indicates where lines have been deleted

  • a green bar indicates newly added lines

  • a blue bar indicates lines that have been changed.


git add and git reset can be selected either in the context menu of a file or by drag & drop. After a git commit, you can enter a commit message and confirm with Ctrl or . If there are already changes in the stage area, only these will be committed; otherwise you will be asked to select changes. If necessary, you will receive more specific commit actions in Views and More Actions…


If you have accidentally created your commit in the wrong branch, you can undo it with Git: Undo Last Commit in the Command Palette ( P).

The sorce control icon in the activity bar on the left shows you how many changes you have made in your repository. Selecting the icon will give you a more detailed overview of your changes. Selecting a single file will show you the line-by-line text changes. You can also use the editor on the right to make further changes.

Branches and tags

You can create branches and switch to them using Git: Create Branch and Git: Checkout to from the Command Palette ( P). When you call Git: Checkout to, a dropdown list appears with all the branches and tags of the repository. You can also create a new branch here.

Git status bar

status bar

Status bar

In the lower left corner you will see the status display with further indicators about the state of your repository:

  • the current branch with the possibility to switch to another branch

  • incoming and outgoing commits

  • the Synchronize Changes action, which first executes git pull and then git push.