Create a DOI with Zenodo

Zenodo enables software to be archived and a DOI to be provided for it. In the following I will show which steps are required on the example of the Jupyter tutorial:

  1. If you haven’t already, create an account on Zenodo, preferably with GitHub.

  2. In Upload ‣ New Upload under Basic information activate the button Reserve DOI to reserve a DOI for your upload. Leave the form open to upload your software later.

  3. Create or modify the CodeMeta- und Citation File Format files in your software directory.

  4. Include the badge in the README file of your software:




    .. image::
  5. Now select the repository that you want to archive:

    Enable repositories for Zenodo
  6. Check whether Zenodo has created a webhook in your repository for the Releases event:

    Zenodo webhook
  7. Create a new release:

    Github releases