pgMonitor is an environment to visualise the health and performance of a PostgreSQL cluster. It combines a suite of tools to facilitate the collection of important metrics, including:

  • number of connections

  • Database size

  • Replication lag

  • Transaction wraparround

  • Extra space taken up by your tables and indexes

  • CPU, memory, I/O and uptime

It combines multiple open-source software packages to create a robust PostgreSQL monitoring environment, including:

PostgreSQL Exporter

an open-source data export to Prometheus that supports collecting metrics from any PostgreSQL server ≥ 9.1.


an open-source metrics collector that is highly customisable.


an open-source data visualiser that allows you to generate many different kinds of charts and graphs.

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Installation and configuration#

Installation and configuration instructions for each package are provided:

  1. PostgreSQL Exporter

  2. Prometheus

  3. Grafana