Pipenv and Spack#

We need Pipenv for our Spack environments to be able to generate binary-compatible builds with Spack on the one hand and to be able to easily use Python packages for data collection, visualization, etc. on the other.

To do this, first activate the appropriate Python version from the Spack environment:

$  spack env activate python-311
$ spack env status
==> In environment python-311
$ which python

Then you can install the existing Pipenv environment with:

$ cd ~/jupyter-tutorial/pipenvs/python-311/
$ pipenv --python=/Users/veit/jupyter-tutorial/spackenvs/python-311/.spack-env/view/bin/python --site-packages
$ pipenv install
Creating a virtualenv for this project…
Pipfile: /Users/veit/jupyter-tutorial/pipenvs/python-311/Pipfile
Using /Users/veit/jupyter-tutorial/spackenvs/python-311/.spack-env/view/bin/python3.11 (3.11.4) to create virtualenv…

This uses the environment installed with Spack and installs additional packages.